CLAUSHOLTZ aesthetics is a clinic for cosmetic medical treatments, specialized in anti-aging, surgical procedures, injectables and skin therapy. We are known for our subtle methods and natural results.

what we do

Many imperfections can be corrected with a simple surgical procedure. For example, we can surgically treat anything from sagging eyelids, varicose veins, skin pigmentation, warts or a mole in inconvenient place.

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Injectables are injected into the skin to improve or tighten it. A product we often use for this procedure is Botuline toxin, commonly known as Botox. Other injectables we apply are fillers and skin boosters.

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Age, fatigue or illness may cause the skin to become discolored, dry or damaged. With various skin treatments such as peelings, laser therapy and microdermabrasion, we refresh, reinvigorate and rejuvenate the skin.

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ANTI-AGING booster shots are the perfect solution to fight off fatigue or get a quick boost for an upcoming challenge. As people are becoming more and more health conscious, ANTI-AGING booster shots are increasingly used as supplementation therapy to support a balanced diet, intensive exercise and vital skin.

CLAUSHOLTZ offers four types of booster injections that all contribute to a higher sense of energy.

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who we are

Floor Claus

Floor Claus - founder

Floor Claus is one the Netherlands’ leading aesthetic doctors. After graduating from medical school at the AMC in 2002, Floor was one of the first in the Netherlands to specialize in cosmetic medicine and injectables in particular. With her extraordinary sense of aesthetics and ability to find natural solutions for every type of face, her results are as modest as they are convincing.

Rogier Holtz

Rogier Holtz - founder

Rogier completed medical school in 2002 and started his career as an assistant plastic surgeon, in both the Netherlands and South Africa. He has now united his passion for surgery and aesthetics in the founding of CLAUSHOLTZ aesthetics. Rogier specializes in anti-aging, cosmetic surgery and injectables. Next to that he is also trainer for IBSA pharmaceuticals and gives workshops for colleague doctors.

how we work

If you are considering cosmetic treatment or want to know more about the possibilities that aesthetic medicine can offer, you are more than welcome to visit us for a free intake.

During this consultation we discuss your wishes and relevant solutions in the field of injectables, skin therapy and plastic surgery. We will then put together a treatment plan to meet your needs.

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complaints procedure

On the off chance you are not satisfied with the care provided by CLAUSHOLTZ aesthetics, we have a clear procedure to deal with your complaint. We take each complaint very seriously, because we’re always looking to improve our treatments and satisfy our clients.

We’re happy to discuss the aspect of your treatment you are dissatisfied with. But you can also file a written complaint via our complaints form. You can request one from one of our employees or via We strive to handle your complaint within 4 weeks. We do so according to the GOMA code of conduct.

Should you not want to discuss your complaint with CLAUSHOLTZ aesthetics directly, our external complaints committee can mediate. Under the new Quality, Complaints and Disputes Care Act (the Wkkgz), healthcare providers, including cosmetic doctors, are obliged to join a recognized Disputes Authority and provide an independent complaints officer. As of the 1st of January 2016, we have been affiliated with the Dispute and Independent Complaints Officers of DOKh,

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