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As we get older, not only do our wrinkles increase and deepen by the reduction of collagen and elastin in the skin, but also because the skin itself loses volume. Facial fat decreases, making us look more tired and older. Volume loss of the face is best countered by Sculptra; an injectable that consists of polylactic acid. This is a biodegradable substance that is also produced by the body itself. Polylactic acid is the only filler that stimulates the production of the body's own collagen. The skin becomes firmer, fuller and more elastic. This natural volume recovery brings back a youthful and natural look. Sculptra is 100% biodegradable, making it a very safe solution to create volume.

Unlike other fillers, it takes a little longer before the results become apparent. The volume consists of collagen produced by the skin itself, giving the skin body and firmness. After treatment, the polylactic acid is slowly absorbed by the body and stimulates local collagen production, which gradually increases the volume. The thickness and firmness of the skin also increase. This is a gradual process. The final results are visible only after a number of weeks, after which the treatment is usually required to be repeated a number of times. The advantage of this gradual volume increase and skin improvement is the natural effect. As a result, the face will gradually regain its original volume without looking unnatural or too full.

Two to four treatments are usually required during the construction phase. There is a period of about six to twelve weeks between each treatment.

Once the desired volume has been obtained, the effect will last approximately two to four years. Once a year or even 2 years a maintenance treatment is sufficient to maintain volume and skin firming.