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In recent years, treatments using subcutaneous threads have become increasingly popular. These treatments are also known as wire lifts.

There are different types of wire lifts, both with soluble and insoluble wires. At CLAUSHOLTZ aesthetics we work exclusively with soluble materials, as we feel this is the safest way to perform wire lifts. The effect of a PDO wire lasts for about two years.

The PDO wires we use in CLAUSHOLTZ aesthetics have small hooks on both ends that latch onto the skin subcutaneously and tighten the wire. Collagen is formed around the wires, making the skin more beautiful and firmer after a few weeks. The name wire lift is in fact somewhat misleading. The threads provide an increase in strength in the skin and help the skin to carry its own weight better. However, the effect of a wire lift cannot be compared to a surgical facelift. Success is dependent on the amount of skin surplus. It is an ideal treatment for people with a beginning mild sagging of the skin and little skin excess.

The jaw line, corners of the mouth and the nose-lip lines can be well strengthened and tightened with a wire lift. It is also possible to lift the eyebrows. For an optimal eyebrow lift, the combination with botuline toxin is recommended. Wire lifts can be combined well with volume restorative treatments, fillers or skin boosters.