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Intravenous vitamin treatments have been used by top athletes and celebrities for decades. In an increasingly hectic society in which people are more health-conscious, anti-aging treatments are used more and more to support a conscious diet and active lifestyle.

What do anti-aging infusion treatments do?
Anti-aging infusion therapy hydrates the body through various ingredients and can counteract symptoms of stress, fatigue and hangovers, visibly improve the skin and boost the immune system. Dehydration is a threat to the body. A mere 2% moisture deficiency can already cause skin and organ damage as well as headaches and nausea.

Anti-aging infusion treatments ensure a 100% absorption of vitamins and electrolytes by the body. Vitamin pills and drinks are partially broken down in the digestive tract and therefore aren’t absorbed that well.

In addition to infusion therapy, CLAUSHOLTZ aesthetics uses booster shots that supplement vitamins, coenzymes and antioxidants.

An anti-aging infusion treatment at CLAUSHOLTZ aesthetics is supervised by a doctor and takes about 45 minutes. There is no need to make an appointment for booster injections.